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About MGA Events

All events are pre-entry only and are through Event Secretary.

Events details and reminders are circulated via email, Facebook and TeamApp for every event. 


Event costs


1 day

2 days







**Includes membership and insurance cost for that event.

MGA NSW hosts a variety of events across the state.

These are mainly held in the Canberra, Sydney and South Coast regions with a few sprinkled across more regional NSW. We are always looking to expand to new areas so send us a message to organise an event near you!

Our events include:

  • regional friendly competitions
  • training days
  • NSW State Championships in Individuals, Pairs and Teams
  • one National Competition each year where people from across the country compete
  • an annual Christmas Competition and Gala Dinner to finish out the year

Training Events:

MGA NSW hosts a variety of training days throughout the year which are open to ALL riders.

These training days aim to accommodate all riders and their mounts including:

  • new mounted games riders who want to learn the fundamental skills
  • riders bringing a new or green pony to train in mounted games
  • more experienced riders looking to hone their skills and work up to the next level

How it works:

Experienced coaches and riders take small groups of riders based on ability to enable focused and tailored training.

Riders are given the opportunity to learn and practice new skills.

Often a mini-competition is run at the end of the day to allow riders to put their new skills into practice.


Regional Competitions:

Competitions are run in individuals, pairs and teams formats, most often with one format on the Saturday and a different format on the Sunday, so you don't have to come to both days.

REGIONAL COMPETITIONS ARE OPEN TO ALL RIDERS, even if you have never even done mounted games, just ask, and we will accommodate!


In individual competitions, riders are divided into groups based on age usually including:

  • Under 12
  • Under 15
  • Under 18
  • Opens
  • 25 and over

In pairs and teams competitions, riders are divided into groups based on ability and experience. Groups such as novice, intermediate and open may be run, depending on the numbers and abilities of riders who attend. 


Often people think they can't ride as they don't have anyone to pair or team with. Don't worry! We always make sure riders have someone to ride with so no one missed out. The Facebook Group is a great way to connect with other riders that may like to match up or you can try contacting the organiser to see if they can match you up. Make sure to do this as early as possible so there is time to find a match.


Groups compete against each other in a number of sessions (usually 2 per day) and then a Final where riders are put into A, B, etc Finals based on their scores from the sessions. Sessions usually have between 6-8 different games and the Final with 8-10 games.

Talk about value for money!


Please click on the 'About Us' tab to see information about the different games.



Please see the calendar tab to search for events and for entry information.