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The NSW Mounted Games Committee conducts monthly (usually on the 2nd Thursday of the month) meetings to discuss and decide on all matters regarding the running of Mounted Games in our state.

Members are invited to bring their own ideas to meetings directly or through getting in touch with the Riders Reps or other committee members.


An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is also held at the beginning of each year to elect available positions on the committee.

Committee Members

President ( Ben Logue
1st Vice President George MacMillan
2nd Vice President Nat Ivanoff
Treasurer ( Judith Coe
Secretary ( Ron Devitt
Ordinary Committee Members/Regional Coordinators

Nat Ivanoff (South Coast)

Rob McLachlan (Canberra)

Cathi Reid (NW NSW)

Laragh O'Dell (Sydney)

Riders Representatives

Jeff Braithwaite (senior)

Max Ivanoff (junior)

Millie Coe (junior

NSW representative on the AMGA committee and NSW Selector Benjamin Logue