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What is Mounted Games?

A Mounted Games competition involves people on ponies, racing each other up and down a 60m arena. Riders are required to stay within the confines of their lane whilst completing a variety of tasks and obstacles over the course of the race. The first rider over the finish line wins the race. Competitions are played in individual, pairs and teams of 4 or 5 riders which often requires a lot of trust and teamwork between teammates and ponies. Competitions most commonly comprise of several sessions of 6-8 races, with a Final of 8-10 races which determines the overall winner. Points accrued over the sessions and Final are added together to determine the Champion.

Check out the videos below to see what its all about!

Mounted Games Promotional Video
Australian Teams Champs 2016 Video

Looking for an event near you?

Most of our events are currently focused around the Canberra, Sydney and South Coast regions. However, we are always looking to expand to new areas so send us a message to organise an event near you! 

Pony Clubs and other equestrian groups are also welcome to contact us, if you have riders interested in your area, we can come out and run a clinic for you!