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AMGANSW hosts a variety of events throughout the year consisting of Individual, Pairs and Team events. Please click on the 'About MGA Events' tab to learn more.


You can view our calendar and information about events in a variety of ways:

  • Event Secretary lists all of our events and is the program you will use to enter for competitions.
  • Facebook and TeamApp both list all of our events as well and we post event updates on both our Instagram Page and Facebook Pages.
  • You can view a yearly summary document that is printable which lists all the events for the year (some minor changes are made so ensure you check the digital copy as well), click on the calendar tab.
  • Google Calendar - go to the calendar tab to view this, you can add it to your own Google Calendar if you have one or just view it as a link.
TeamApp NSW Calendar
Facebook Page
Instagram Page
About MGA Events
Event Secretary